Why I do what I do

The picture above says it all, really. I love the reward of being able to provide a child that kind of excitement and happiness!!


Years ago I tried to schedule a face painter for a children's event I was organizing with zero dollars for a budget. Clearly, I couldn't find a face painter for my event with that budget, so I picked up a brush knowing I had a little artistic ability to work with and I fell in love!! I started practicing face paint over 6 years ago on my own kids just for fun, then family, friends, and the neighborhood kids as a hobby. Eventually I started being asked to do personal parties, and over the last few years I started making myself available to the public as a hobbyist. By 2019 I had achieved enough success that I was able to turn this fun and very accidental hobby into a professional business that helps me support my family. 


It still hits me hard how incredibly lucky I am to have found a way to earn a living doing something I absolutely love. I am continually improving my skill because of my passion for art and all the littles in the world who love the thrill of being transformed by paint. There are professional artists who can command top dollar rates and leave everyone in awe of the transformation on their child's face in literally 2-3 minutes or less. I continually strive to be this artist. Sadly, you don't always get what you pay for when it comes to face painting; I do my best to avoid this. It would weigh on me to know my work was a letdown and you paid me for it. Even though kids seem to simply love having their faces painted with anything, I also want to "wow" the people financially responsible for my services. For this reason I am dedicated to keeping my rates fair and competitive while offering some of the highest quality face paint designs you will find locally. I encourage you to check out my gallery and shop around to verify this claim! 


Having you compensate me after your event with a dollar amount that we have both agreed upon prior to your event, allows both of us to walk away with peace of mind that we got what we wanted from the experience.


I operate within a competitive variable rate range allowing me to keep my rates as low as possible.If you would love to have face painting as a highlight at your event, but you are truly unable to pay professional rates for any number of reasons, please reach out to me! I have a set number of events I will accommodate each year at a discounted rate. I'm a money-conscious mom who operates under the direction of my moral compass, and I love being able to make face painting an attainable highlight for anyone who may be interested. 


I truly love what I do, I love children, and more than anything I love making them smile. I truly value your hard-earned money and your consideration of my services; I also value myself, my skill and ability that helps me provide for my family, and my time as a dedicated professional artist. 

Everything you see on my site was painted by me, often inspired by other artists in the industry who I admire. I use only non-toxic, high-quality, professional-grade face paint and practices. When you invite me to your event, you know exactly who and what you are getting.


Contact me today to schedule your event!