What is your pricing?

Service rates depend on event details such as travel time and distance, special requests, number of attendees, design specs, the type and number of services and artists requested, event prep, supplies, etc. To receive an exact quote for your event, please hit the "Book Your Event" tab to submit your event details.

Do I need to pay a deposit in advance to retain services?

In general, if I am booking myself (Holly) for your event I do not require a deposit. There may be exceptions to this such as high-demand seasons, high-risk events (unfavorable weather), special requests, etc. If I am booking an artist other than myself, I do require payment in advance to help protect hired artists from last-minute cancellations, thus lost opportunities to work other events. If you do not have all event details in place but want to lock in a time and date, I may require a non-refundable deposit. 

Will you donate your time to a fundraising or charitable event?

I am happy and able to donate my time, supplies, skill, and services to a number of fundraising or charitable events annually at a discounted rate.

Are FPF artists professionals?

Yes. Those who classify themselves as professionals typically charge for their services, operate as a licensed business, and carry liability insurance. My registered business credentials are public information and can be found online through local and federal government websites. All contract artists are self-insured and employ safe practices as recommended by product manufacturers, and use only professional-grade, non-toxic, face paint as all face painters should be, professional or hobbyists. Be informed before hiring your next face painter! 

Can you provide multiple artists for a public or corporate event?

Yes. I would be happy to help you determine the right number of your artists for your event. 


Don't see your question below? Feel free to call or text us with any additional questions or inquiries!

Can I schedule a date and time for services if I don't have all the event details in place yet?

Certain details are required in order to confirm your event. Simply fill out the request form noting all required fields marked with a red asterisk. Understandably, some details may change and I will do my best to accommodate those changes given proper notice.

How soon in advance can I schedule my event?

The earlier the better! No time is too soon as long as you have the required event details in place. If you would like to lock in a time and date but do not have all event details in place, I would be happy to take a non-refundable deposit to hold the spot until your event planning is complete. Events scheduled over 6 months in advance may require a small non-refundable deposit.

How far will you travel?

FPF is based in Lehi, Utah. General service areas include Salt Lake and Utah counties. I am personally happy to travel beyond these areas if you are wanting to hire me specifically; I will take travel into consideration when offering a quote for services. FPF can book an artist for you in your area to keep service rates down.

What kind of face paint do you use?

Professional-grade, non-toxic, water-activated face paint such as Wolfe, Diamond FX, TAG, Global Colours, Kryvaline, Mehron Paradise Prisma, Fusion, and Starblend powders are used exclusively for face painting services. Please refer to these official websites for each of their exact compositions and FDA approval. Paints are not limited to those listed above, but are limited to non-toxic, professional-grade, face paint. 

Will the paint smear and smudge?

Face paint is water-activated, so if it comes into contact with water, dripping sweat, saliva, or the like, it will likely smear, smudge, or run. Airbrush paint is sweat and moisture resistant and is a great option for applications where you may perspire or get wet. Henna permanently stains the skin and will stay in place until the body sheds that layer of skin.


Tips: Have straws available for kids to drink with!! If they get a design that includes paint near the mouth, it will smear as soon as they drink from a cup. Have cake and ice cream early at your party, and perhaps have face paint after the eating and drinking is over. If you are having water activities like a water bounce house (check for approval of face paint in their equipment) or water balloon fight, schedule airbrushing instead, inquire about water-resistant paint, or have face paint at your event after the water activities are over so kids can go home with their face paint intact. None of this is mandatory; just possible suggestions. We paint when and where you choose.

How do I wash off the paint?

Face paint simply washes off with mild soap and water. Henna is a permanent stain and will slowly fade as that layer of skin is shed.


Tip: Some pigments may leave a hue, but if you wash before bed then again in the morning after the skin's natural oils have risen to the surface, it should completely wash off by the second washing. Cetaphil cream cleanser is mild but very effective.

Will the paint last (until tomorrow, over the weekend, etc.)?

Please see the smear and smudge FAQ above. Face paint is water-based. Airbrushing is alcohol-based and less likely to transfer. Henna stain will remain for a few days up to 2 weeks depending on how quickly the body sheds the outermost layers of skin.

Can you help with costume makeup for myself or my kids before our party?


Do you work public events?


Do you work private parties?


Are there limitations to who can be painted?

Anyone who appears ill, has a rash, open wound, broken skin, conjunctivitis, cold sores, molluscum or other infectious conditions on the face or body area to be painted will be refused. Please avoid any awkward or embarrassing moments to your child if any of these things apply to him or her. Any child who doesn't willingly choose to be painted will not be. Infants should not be painted due to the sensitivity of their developing skin and immunity. Depending on the circumstance, an arm painting may be a better option for some of the above-listed circumstances. Please do your best to advise your attendees of these limitations before your event. 

Will you come to my party if it is within another business establishment?

You will need explicit permission by that entity for FPF to attend your private party within their establishment. 

Is face paint safe for everyone and what safe hygienic practices do you employ?

​​In addition to avoiding paint for those who appear ill or have any contagious conditions as stated above, FPF products and practices disclosure is as follows: Non-toxic, professional, cosmetic-grade face paints are used exclusively. FDA approval can be found on manufacturer websites. Face paints are produced with natural antibacterial components. Artists adhere to safe practices as recommended by product manufacturers with regard to application and sanitation. As such, adverse reactions are extremely rare; this is why face painting is so popular and widely accepted at events. Those who have skin sensitivities are responsible for making his or her own decision to participate or avoid face painting services. Each individual artist carries liability insurance and Face Paint Fever will not be held responsible for negligence with regard to product usage. 


For detailed questions regarding safe hygienic practices and exact procedures please call, text, or email any time!