Service accommodations

  • Personal parties

  • Multiple artists for large events

  • Corporate events

  • Fundraising events

  • Charitable events

  • Free-to-public settings

  • Festivals

  • Weddings

  • Stage makeup

  • Personal costume makeup

  • Pay-per-face vendor events


Face Painting design options

  • Fast quarter-eye (eye-patch) designs: 15-18 kids per hour

  • Forehead, mask, half face designs: 10-12 kids per hour

  • Full face and intricate designs: 5-8 kids per hour

  • Personal costume makeup and body paint: 20 minutes - 1.5 hours+

Airbrushing is ideal for professional photo shoots and advertising, professional productions, or personal costume makeup that will better stay in place for longer periods.

Photo and makeup credit: Jessie Ortega

Balloon Art is an exciting highlight to add to any event!

Henna temporarily dyes the skin allowing for an artist's design to last for 1- 1.5 weeks.

Call or text for availability

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