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Face Paint Fever has a wide variety of party entertainment services to "wow" your guests. Explore our services below and request a quote for your event today!


Henna art is a unique form of party and corporate event entertainment. Our skilled henna artists can create intricate and beautiful designs on the skin using a natural dye. Henna art is a popular choice for work parties, corporate events, and other special occasions. Our artists can create designs that are specific to your event theme, and can work with guests to create personalized designs. Henna art is sure to be a hit with all of your guests!

Henna art​​:

Temporarily dyes skin

Will allow an artist's design to last for 1-1.5 weeks

Please be advised that the paste applied will need to be protected from smearing and smudging for a time period after application. This service is best for mature adolescents, teens, and adults.

Henna Artist: Anna Lisa Van Bloem

Henna Pricing: Henna rates range from $100-$125 per hour, per artist depending on event details. Travel fees or holiday rates may exceed this rate range. 1.5 hour minimum.


Face paint, airbrush tattoos, glitter tattoos, waterproof options

Our variety of face painting services are perfect for adding a touch of fun and excitement to birthday parties, corporate events, and family gatherings. Our talented artists will transform your guests into their favorite characters or create stunning designs that will delight all ages. Whether you're looking to entertain young children or add a unique element to your event, our face painting services are sure to be a hit!

Face Painting Design Options​​:

  • Fast, single-eye corporate designs: 10-15 kids per hour

Best for high- traffic corporate and public events

  • Forehead, mask, half face designs: 8-10 kids per hour

Great for personal parties like birthdays or family reunions

  • Full face and intricate designs: 5-8 kids per hour

Fun for small guest-count parties

At most events, a mix of these designs are painted and artists adjust their designs to fit within the scheduled duration and number of attending guests. The information bullets above are simple guidelines to help you decide duration and number of artists needed for your event. A helpful recommendation may be made along with your quote, or you are always welcome to ask for help! 

Face Paint Artist: Holly Lewis

Face Paint Pricing: Face painting rates range from $85-$140 per hour, per artist depending on the service chosen, event details, and location. Travel fees, peak season, or holiday rates affect rates. A 1.5-hour minimum is required to book during our peak season March through the end of October. Special accommodations for 1-hour events during November through February may be made at your request but are not guaranteed.


On-site twisting, pre-made treat cups, arch & sculpture decor

Balloon Artist: Crystal Behunin

Our balloon artists create beautiful and intricate balloon art and twisting designs that are perfect for kids events like birthday parties and carnivals. Whether you're looking for colorful balloon animals, bouquets, or creative sculptures, our balloon artists have the skills and creativity to bring your vision to life. Let us add some magic and joy to your event with our mesmerizing balloon art.

Balloon Art Examples:

  • Animals

  • Superheros

  • Princesses

  • Flowers

  • Mythical creatures (unicorns, mermaids, dragons etc.)

Balloon artists can serve approximately 15-20 guests per hour

Balloon Art Pricing: Balloon art rates start at $125 per hour, per artist depending on event details. Travel fees or holiday rates may exceed this rate. 1.5-hour minimum.

Caricature Art

A caricature artist creates humorous and exaggerated drawings that parody and exaggerate the features of a person or subject. Caricature art is a popular form of entertainment at events such as parties, corporate functions, and trade shows. By exaggerating certain physical features and personality traits, a skilled caricature artist can create a unique and amusing representation of their subject.

Caricature Art Pricing: rates start at $150 per hour, per artist depending on event details. Travel fees or holiday rates may exceed this rate. 2-hour minimum.

Caricature Artist: Rufus ZaeJoDaeus

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